Bandhavgarh National Park

Located in the Vindhya range in central India this park was formed on 1968. Today it holds the highest density of tigers due to his rich evergreen forest with trees like Sal & Bamboos with well spread water bodies & grasslands all over the park. The park has in all about 32 mammals, 250 species of birds and about 72 types of butterflies. The undulating hills give an additional charm to the terrain of Bandhavgarh. The Park has a very rich history and the ancient caves proves that this was an ideal place for many sages, pilgrims and rulers who preferred to come and dwell here. The caves in the lower part of the park have very rare inscriptions of Brahmi language used between 4th to 9th century and also the evidences of the traders who visited this place.

Fort Bandhavgarh:

This Fort is said to be over 2000 years old and holds rare history. It is believed that the worshipping of Lord Shiva began from this place and it has the rarest of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu carved on the rocks. It is here that the noted sage Kabir did his worship and the famous singer Tansen was sent to Emperor Akbar during the time of the Baghela dynasty. The Kalchuris who ruled this Fort between 9th to 11th century have left very rare water bodies and temples on the top of the fort.

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