About Rewa Madhya Pradesh

Rewa, the ancient capital of Baghelkhand was ruled by the Baghela kings and has a lot to offer to those keen on the royal splendor. Set in the mid of the mighty Vindhya and Kaimore ranges this area has dense forest, large rivers like the Narbada,Sone & Tumus which creat picturesque water falls. This place is ideally located at a mid point between Khajuraho & Varanasi & is an intersting STOP OVER destination. It is from here that the famous White Tiger originated in 1951 which can be seen in the Maharaja's Royal Museum. The history of this place can be traced back to the pre-historic era, by the evidences provided in the forms of rock paintings near Rewa (Govindgarh), which if not older to Bhopal rock paintings are of the same period. Later a dynasty parallel to the Chandels, which created the tamples of Khajuraho,the Kalchuris ruled this place in the 5th to the 10th Centuries and gave this place a very rich architecture which forms the main focus of the attraction to the tourist, along with the royal treasures of the Baghela rulers. It was in the 15th century that the Baghelas shifted their capital to Rewa from Bandhavgarh and built many important buildings like the main palace,Venkat Bhavan, Pili Kothi and the famous Govindgarh Palace.

Over the years this kingdom became the cradle of creative and enterprising rulers who in their own way contributed to the richness of the dynasty, in the field of art, literature, music & drama. The contribution of the White Tiger to the world by the last ruler Maharaja Martand Singh is an out standing example of a man's concern in wild life. In this reign the poets, craftsman and musicians flourished with out fear.

This fort is the typical module of medieval architecture and over the years this fort was improvised by each new ruler, so every part of this fort replicates different type of era and its architecture, thus making it very unique. The Durbar Hall is the most attrective portion of the fort. Pili Kothi This is an out house which today hosts the Bagheal museum, which is a private collaction of one family. The chieh attractions are: The stuffed white tiger- Mohan; Gold & silver elephant seat (Hauda) ; double barrel .22 & pen pistol; Chinese Vases and a lot more for any arms, art & history lover. Govindgarh Palace is another very important place. Built one the same lines like Udaipur Lake Palace this place was the official residence of the white tigers till 1978.

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