White Tiger Tourism

The white tiger was caught by Maharaja Martand Singh on May 27, 1951 from Sidhi district’s Bargadi for-est area and later the animal was brought to Govindarh Palace in Rewa from where it escaped the very next day and then again found in Mukundpur area about 26-27 km away from Rewa. Mohan then remained in the area for over two decades and its progenies spread gradually to other parts of the World.

White Tiger Safari & Zoo, Mukundpur

When speaking of tigers, Madhya Pradesh quickly comes mind – especially when the subject is white tigers. It is perhaps one of the most gifted places when it comes to being home to most royal of all creature.

Mukundpur is a village in Satna District of Madhya Pradesh State, located at a distance of 478 km from the state capital, Bhopal. The beautiful village is surrounded by water bodies on one side and by the forests on the other. It got its name from Maharaja Mukund Dev, since whose birthplace it was and attracted the attention of wildlife enthusiasts for first time in 1951 when the first white tiger was spotted here by Mahara Martand Singh.

The tiger that was sighted by Maharaja Martand Singh was named Mohan. Mohan was probably a result of genetic mutilation, however, the mutilation was so beautiful that Maharaja encouraged breading via Mohan to produce more white tigers. It is from Mohan that all white tigers of the world have descended.

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