The Club Royal is an exclusive section created for the choiced ones who wish to have or feel the luxuaries of Royalty & their hunting saga at Bandhavgarh!

A section of the Fort at Rewa & rooms in Hotel Rewa Rajvilas have been created to have an ambieance of Royal touch & decor that would give the feeling to the customer that he is really wanted & is a special one!

The rooms at Maharaja's Royal Retreat, Bandhavgarh are in the Old Kothi, which is the only heritage property in Bandhavgarh & is about 120 years old. A traditional Hunting Lodge of the Maharaja, now is converted into a Retreat! The exclucivelly designed rooms are of heritage character & the facilities are of modern style to fit to the needs of the client.

Royal Suits

3 Royal suits are now open for tourists wanting the ultimate luxury in Rewa, at the Fort Rewa! Overlooking river side on one & temple on the other you can avail free ticket to museum & pool. Enjoy meals at Baradari.